Better Business, Around the World

Graduate study at the Valparaiso University College of Business reaches far beyond the College’s Northwest Indiana campus. Our MBA curricula recognize the necessity of understanding the global currents that all 21st-century businesses navigate. Likewise, our degree options recognize that learners approach the advanced study of business from many places, in terms of both their physical locations and their stages of professional development. More about the Valparaiso University College of Business MBA program »

Our MBA program includes a core curriculum focused on analytical skills that enable graduates to seize opportunities and take a hand in shaping the world of business. Our commitment to values-based leadership ensures that students are prepared for the multifarious and ever-evolving ethical challenges that business leaders face every day, harnessing the power of business to organize human effort in pursuit of a better future.

The MBA offers six concentrations and can be completed in these tracks:

Designed for all undergraduate majors, this full-time, fast-track program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in five years with an emphasis on international business skills including a semester abroad.

This part-time program offers the full MBA curriculum through evening courses, on a schedule designed to accommodate the schedules of working business professionals.

Students in this program concurrently earn a J.D. from the Valparaiso University Law School and an MBA from the College of Business, taking law courses during the day and business courses at night.

In addition to core courses, students may pursue concentrations in the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Engineering Management
  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Management

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MBA Live®
Valpo’s extraordinary distance-learning technology places video monitors as well as cameras in the classroom, allowing students and presenters in remote locations to participate fully in class discussions, with a view not only of the professor, but of fellow students as well. MBA Live® option is offered to part-time students.