Gwen Kozak


Gwen Kozak MBA Program

Gwen Kozak (‘21) will soon graduate from Valpo’s MBA program, which has seen a lot of change in the past few months including the launch of Valpo’s online MBA and graduate courses in business. But whether students pursue their coursework online or on campus, part- or full-time, all benefit from the same rigorous AACSB-accredited curriculum and access to developing meaningful mentorships with faculty.  

Gwen chose the Valpo MBA for many different reasons. “I knew from the beginning that the faculty at Valpo would not only support me but help me achieve my professional goals,” she comments. “My decision was also based on Valpo’s commitment to service-based leadership, its supportive faculty, AACSB accreditation, and relevant curriculum. It was the best MBA program for me.” Valpo’s MBA seeks to provide its students with opportunities that enhance their employability and provide the educational basis required for lifelong learning in areas like technology and social responsibility.

While completing her MBA, Gwen has pursued both her educational and professional goals and was recently hired into a new position while completing her MBA. Valpo’s promise of a large and interconnected alumni network has helped her as well. ”Since starting my MBA, I have made so many networking contacts,” she adds. “Business is a vital part of our society and the College of Business has shown me all the different ways I can work in the business sector.”

The applicability and flexibility of Valpo’s MBA means graduates have access to an expansive network of professional contacts, ranging business, nonprofit and NGO organizations, government, academic sectors, and beyond.