Preeti Singh


Preeti Singh, MBA ’14 Global MBA Program

Preeti Singh chose Valpo’s MBA program because of its high level of accreditation, exclusive admissions standards, and exceptional quality of instruction.

“I’ve seen companies in India that really prefer that you have an MBA from America,” she said. “I thought Valpo would give me a better education than an MBA program in India.”

The educational experience has taken her beyond the classroom and into American businesses. For example, one of her early MBA courses allowed Preeti to tour the Subaru factory — a parallel to the iron induction factory her family owns.

“The factory we have in India and the Subaru plant are ages apart: the way everything was organized, the division of laborers, how they shift workers between tasks so that work does not become monotonous. These are things that we have never thought of,” Preeti says. “I never guessed a college would have visits like that and provide real-world experiences.”

Valpo’s MBA program — hands-on opportunities combined with the necessary coursework — has exceeded Preeti’s hopes. “The MBA at Valpo has been a wonderful experience.”