Dan Kozlowski

Dan Kozlowski, MBA ’15

Professional MBA Program

When Dan Kozlowski ’08 began his MBA, he added “student” to a list of other titles: husband, father, and full-time employee. In his role as Valpo’s Associate Director of Annual Giving, he often travels to meet with donors around the United States. The MBA program accommodates his business travel through MBA Live®.

“There are times when I’ve been on the road and cannot attend class. It’s easy to set up the computer wherever I am,” he says. “I watch the live classroom, and I am able to see what’s on the screen at the same time as my classmates. The professor sees me on a TV screen in the back of the classroom. That works well if I have a question to ask.”

Dan says his professors are receptive to his use of MBA Live®. They prefer that students attend class in person, but they understand that students balance many responsibilities.

From technological solutions to class discussions, Dan finds that the MBA program caters to working adults.

“Professors definitely go out of their way to know your background and what you do for a living,” he says. “They ask what things are going on in your job and life that can be brought into the classroom to enhance discussions.”

Dan says he appreciates the ability to bring personal business experience into the classroom. He believes it maximizes his chance to learn from others.

“We all come from different backgrounds and different business experiences,” he says. “In our group work it’s interesting to see the different perspectives and how they tie into what we discuss. Everybody brings something to the table.”