Nola Schmidt

Nola Schmidt

Nola Schmidt PH.D., RN
Senior Research Professor 219.464.5289


Joining the faculty in 1992, Dr. Schmidt teaches in the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Her areas of expertise include nursing research, evidence-based practice, nursing education, and patient/staff education.

Formally a pediatric clinical nurse specialist (CNS) at Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Illinois, her clinical area of expertise is pediatric nursing. Professor Schmidt’s scholarly interests include children’s pain, Orem’s nursing theory, ethics, service learning, and spirituality. With former CONHP Dean Janet Brown, she co-edited an undergraduate research textbook, Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses: Appraisal and Application of Research which is now in its sixth edition. She also co-edited Spiritual Care in Nursing Practice with Dr. Kris Mauk. Dr. Schmidt has numerous publications in journals such as Annual Review of Nursing Research, Nursing 2009, The Cresset, Nurse Educator, Journal of Professional Nursing and Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing.

Having both a professional and personal interest in travel, Dr. Schmidt served for two years as Director of the Valparaiso University Cambridge Study Abroad Program. She has presented internationally in countries such as Thailand, Germany, and South Africa. She has been invited to consult with Japanese colleagues about Orem’s (2001) theory of dependent care and Chinese colleagues about Magnet Recognition.

  • Ph.D. – Wayne State University 2003
  • MSN – University of Illinois at Chicago 1990
  • BSN – Valparaiso University 1983