A building on the Valpo campus with large windows.

Student Account Center (SAC)

Valparaiso University’s Student Account Center (SAC), which is administered by Nelnet, allows students to view their account summary, receive ebills, view up-to-the-second account activity, make payments by eCheck or credit card, and enroll in a monthly payment plan by semester.  Students also have the ability to grant parents and others access to SAC who may make payments on their behalf.

Students with questions may contact the Valparaiso University Office of Student Accounts at Student.Accounts@valpo.edu or they may contact Nelnet directly at 800.609.8056


Student will access the Student Account Center through DataVU at datavu.valpo.edu. Login using your ValpoNet credentials. Forgot credentials, contact helpdesk@valpo.edu for assistance. Under Student Accounts, select Student Account Center Login. Complete the first time user account set-up, and create a 4 digit pin. Create online Account Profile and then you will be able to access the Student Account Center Home Screen! After logging into the SAC, you will have access to a portal that will offer the following:

  • ebill – Lists balance forward, current charges at the time the bill was created, and anticipated financial aid. Outside loans will not be listed on this statement unless received and posted by the university cashier.
  • Current Balance – Available 24/7 with real time updates, pending anticipated aid will be listed until the Financial Aid Office transmits aid to the student account after the drop/add period. After aid transmits, anticipated aid will be removed.
  • Transaction Details– Represent recent activity reflected in your balance due Valparaiso University. May not include payment plan activity that has not yet posted.
  • View Details – Provides details concerning your payment plan.

Proxy (Parent/Guest) Access to Student Account Center (SAC):

Once enrolled into SAC, you can share access to your account with your parent or anyone who helps you manage your bill.

  • Log into DataVU.
  • Select Student Menu
  • Under Allow Parent/Guest Access, select Allow Access
  • Choose Select A Proxy
  • Select a pre-populated person from the drop down list. You may also select Add Another Person.
  • Verify email address for pre-populated person selected. Complete information for newly added person.
  • Select Type of Access
  • Check the box to Authorize Disclosure
  • After access is granted, the student will receive an email confirmation and the proxy (parent/guest) will receive instructions to login.