Students attend Valpo’s college for business majors


Valparaiso University’s MBA program makes its expertise available to the community through its Graduate Business Certificate Program, which is designed for students who want to advance their credentials but do not want to complete an MBA.

By completing four courses, the student will earn a Graduate Business Certificate in that area. Those who have graduated from the MBA program may return for additional certifications.

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Graduate Business Certificates are available in the following areas:

ACC 610 Accounting Information for Decision Analysis
FIN 620 Financial Analysis
BI 640 Quantitative Methods in Management
BUS 601 Managerial Economics
MKT 630  Marketing Management and Consumer Experience
MGT 650  Leadership in a Global Environment
BLAW 660  Global Trade: Governance, Digitization, and Sustainability
MGT 670  Strategic Thinking & Action
MGT 750 High-Performance Organizations 3 cr.
Any other three 700-level MBA courses 9 cr.
BI 740 Database Fundamentals 3 cr.
BI 741 Descriptive Analytics 3 cr.
BI 742 Predictive Analytics 3 cr.
BI 743 Time Series Analysis 3 cr.
MGT 752 Managing Emerging Technologies 3 cr.
MGT 753 Project Management 3 cr.
MGT 754 Managing Technical Teams 3 cr.
MGT 755 Creativity & Innovation 3 cr.
FIN 720 Global Investment Strategy 3 cr.
FIN 721 Derivatives & Hedge Fund Strategies 3 cr.
FIN 722 Global Capital Markets 3 cr.
FIN 723 Financial Modeling & Capital Creation 3 cr.
HADM 501 Understanding Health Care Organizations 3 cr.
HADM 662 Health in the Community 3 cr.
HADM 664 International Health and Healthcare Organizations 3 cr.
MKT 680 Services Marketing 3 cr.
MGT 750 High-Performance Organizations 3 cr.
MGT 753 Project Management 3 cr.
MGT 755 Creativity and Innovation 3 cr.
MGT 757 Developing People 3 cr.