Program Outline

Obtaining an ERP certification with SAP is a mark of excellence in a competitive business environment and will differentiate students seeking a career in management, accounting, finance, marketing operations, information systems, project management, or supply chain management.

Program Outline

The ERP certification with SAP is a 12 credit hour program that is taken entirely remotely, including online instruction, video conferencing, and web-based learning. The program has 4 required 8 week courses that are taken sequentially, plus an optional 2 week TERP-10 Certification Bootcamp will be offered based upon student demand.

Required Courses

ERP 710: Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP*

An examination of key concepts in ERP and demonstration of how ERP systems integrate business processes and support management and performance analysis.

ERP 711: SAP Navigation and Configuration*

An in-depth understanding of ERP systems and their impact through hands-on configuration of business processes using SAP ERP software.

ERP 712: SAP Business Intelligence*

A thorough study of the processes and tools within SAP to deliver analytics and reporting.

ERP 713: Business Process Management and Controlling with SAP*

An exploration of internal and external controls used to manage integrated business processes through analysis, audit, and compliance processes.

Optional Course

ERP 600: SAP/ERP Terp-10 Certification Bootcamp

An intensive SAP Terp10 exam preparation course.

*Courses MUST be taken sequentially as listed.