Student Account Center FAQ’s

Q1. What is Student Account Center (SAC)?

Valparaiso University’s Student Account Center (SAC) is an online portal that allows students to view their student account summary, view real-time account activity, receive advanced billing statements, make payments by eCheck or Credit Card, and enroll in a monthly payment plan by semester.

Students, with questions, may contact the Valparaiso University Office of Student Accounts at or they may contact Nelnet directly at: 800.338.8340

Q2. What account activity is included in Student Account Center (SAC)?

All charges and payments for the following account activities are included in Student Account Center:

  • Tuition
  • Meal Plan
  • Housing (VU provided)
  • Books
  • Financial Aid
  • Parking Fines & Violations
  • Promenade Rent

Students will only see categories for which they have charges or payment for current or future terms.

Q3. How do students register for Student Account Center (SAC)?

All enrolled students will receive an e-mail from Valparaiso University Student Accounts inviting them to register for access to the Student Account Center (SAC). Students MUST register in order to access their student account.

Q4. Do students have to register for SAC if they are already registered for TMS student account refunds?

Yes, although SAC and refunds are both administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS), they are separate systems with separate registration requirements.  Links to both may be found at

Students must login to the TMS refund system in order to manage their refund preference (i.e., check or Visa prepaid card) and view details related to their student account refunds.

Q5. Can parents or guardians access Student Account Center to view their student’s account information?

Due to Federal student privacy regulations (FERPA), students must authorize others to view their student account through SAC.  After registering with SAC, students may invite others to view their account by clicking on “Manage Account Access” within SAC.  The student will enter the person’s name and e-mail address.  Individuals invited by the student will receive an email inviting them to register with SAC.

Q6. How does a student or parent access Student Account Center (SAC)?

SAC can be accessed from DataVU or  Login is required.

Q7. What is the difference between SAC and eBill?

Student Account Center includes real-time payments and charges, including tuition, meal plan, housing, books, parking fines, financial aid, and Promenade rent (if applicable).  eBill includes a monthly statement of tuition, meal plan, housing and books.  eBill will be phased out by Student Account Center by the end of the 2015 fall term.

Q8. If a student has already registered for eBill does he/she also have to register for Student Account Center?

Yes, all students need to register with Student Account Center in order to see their account information and make payments, even if they previously registered with eBill.

Q9. If a student paid his/her entire term bill, then why would a balance still show for that term?

Student Account Center matches payments to charges by term.  If a bill was paid prior to launching Student Account Center with no term associated with it, then that payment would be grouped with all charges and payments in “Previous Balance.”  As long as the total balance for all terms (including “Previous Balance”) is at or below zero, then no payment is due.

Q10. Why is the amount due for the upcoming term at zero?

Charges for the upcoming term are not shown on the Summary or Account Activity tabs until they have been applied to the student’s account by the Office of Student Accounts.  This occurs after drop/add for that term.  Estimated charges for the upcoming term may be found on the Advanced Billing Statement tab within Student Account Center.  Advanced Billing Statements are typically available 1 month before the start of the new term.

Q11. Who should I contact if I have questions about Student Account Center (SAC)?

Students may contact the Valparaiso University Office of Student Accounts at or they may contact TMS directly at: 800.338.8340

Outside U.S. and Canada  401.921.3999


Monday-Friday 8 am-10pm (ET)