Endowed Fund

What is an Endowed Fund?

Endowed funds are established by alumni and donors to provide scholarships to students who have financial need and/or meet other criteria. When donors establish an endowed fund, they have the option to name the fund — for themselves or for someone in their lives.

Endowed funds are pooled and invested by the University, and the interest income generated from the investment is awarded in the form of scholarships. The initial “gift” from the donor, known as the principal, is never spent. Thus, the endowed fund continues to generate interest income in perpetuity. This interest income is awarded to students in the form of scholarships. 

Many scholarships and grants at Valparaiso University are made possible by contributions from generous donors who, through an investment in Valpo’s future, have expressed their belief in the importance of supporting students through an endowed fund.

Do I receive a scholarship from an endowed fund?

It is possible that a portion of the financial aid package that was awarded to you through the Office of Financial Aid has been funded by Valpo’s generous donors through an endowed fund. It is most likely listed on your aid offer as a “Valpo Fund Alumni Award,” “Presidential Scholarship,” or some other merit-based scholarship or need-based grant.

If you are the beneficiary of an endowed fund, you will receive an email from Donor and Student Engagement. This email will include the name of the endowed fund and the name/s of the donor/s who have contributed to your education. The email will also request that you write a thank you note to the generous donors of the fund.

Why should I write a thank you note?

A well written thank-you letter from a student is special and lets the donor know that their scholarship is greatly appreciated. Your letter reminds them why they gave in the first place and often helps secure continuing gifts for future students.

How do I send in my thank you note?

If you received an email from Donor and Student Engagement requesting that you write a thank you note, please use this Google Form to do so.

What should I include in my thank you note?

A well written thank you note includes the following:

  • Express your gratitude for the scholarship and tell your donors why the scholarship is important to you.
  • Tell them about your Valpo experience, why you chose Valpo, and what student organizations, sports, or activities you are involved with.
  • Include what you are studying, your current year at Valpo (ex. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), and your future career goals.

Your letter will be printed on a thank you card and sent to your donor. Please be sincere, show your gratitude, and check your spelling and grammar.

Thank You Note Samples

I am writing to express my utmost thanks for your continued support of Valparaiso University. This scholarship has personally helped my ability to focus on my study of music and not stress over the financial aspect of my education. This has been very beneficial to me, as finances can be a huge stressor when it comes to higher education.

I am a junior music composition major at Valparaiso University. I was drawn to Valpo because of its strong music department and its strong connection to the Chapel and the Lutheran tradition from which I come. As I continue to study and hone my craft, I am preparing for a career as a professional composer and musician, and my education at Valpo has been an incredibly important part of that.

Your continued financial support to the University has a personal, living impact on the students who study here, myself included. I would not be able to focus on my studies in the way that I do if it were not for your sincere generosity and continued support of higher education at Valparaiso University. Once again, thank you!

Thank you so much for your generous gift to my education. I am a freshman Theology and Ministry major. Since beginning school here, I have involved myself in the Celebrate praise bands, which has become one of my favorite parts of my time here. Additionally, I am a praise band leader and a member of the chorale. One of the biggest reasons I chose Valpo was the Chapel’s influence on campus and your gift has made it possible for me to enjoy it all more fully. Because of my scholarships I am able to enjoy my time here as I prepare for life after college. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for helping me to further my education at Valpo.  Without the help from people like you, I would not be able to attend Valpo which means that I would not be able to be a part of this incredible community.

Although I have not been on campus long, I have been able to find groups on campus to be a part of.  I am involved in a service fraternity, the theatre society and a sorority. Though being so involved can be a struggle while managing my classes, I’ve found its all worth it in order to discover more about myself and my passions.

I really appreciate the gift you have given me in getting to grow in my learning and knowledge and self.

Thank you so much for your generous gift to Valparaiso University! It means so much to students like me because your gift enables us to soak up the amazing college experience that Valpo has to offer. At Valpo, I have been able to hold multiple campus leadership positions, study my passions academically, and have become a person of integrity that has found my vocation here. Thanks to my Valpo education, I am prepared for post-graduate life in all aspects and have even already accepted a full-time job after school.  Thank you for making the Valpo experience possible for students like me because it means the world! Go Valpo!