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Lutheran and other Christian Affiliated Scholarships

The following awards may be offered to qualified students. Amounts may vary. All awards are renewable based on full-time enrollment and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

This scholarship is for students who wish to discern how they might best serve the church after college life. For some, this might involve full or part-time work as a pastor, youth worker, church musician, deaconess or deacon. Others might pursue volunteer opportunities as a worship leader, small group leader, church school worker or be involved in other activities. Students from all branches of the Christian family are welcome to apply. The application deadline is January 15. For questions, please email faithbasedscholarships@valpo.edu.

Award minimum is $2,500. The amount can increase to a maximum of $5,000 based on leadership  in the program. The student must maintain satisfactory academic progress to renew the scholarship

Members of a Lutheran congregation in the greater St. Louis, Mo., area

  • Must be preparing for a career in the healthcare field (e.g., nursing, physical or occupational therapy, or pre-medical arts).
  • Must complete undergraduate admission application and file the FAFSA.

Amount is $5,000 per year.

Students who are Lutheran or graduated from a Lutheran High School.

  • $1,500 per year.
  • Must complete undergraduate admission application.
  • Notified with offer of admission.

This scholarship is for Lutheran students who are actively engaged in leadership roles in their districts, synods, or Lutheran high schools.

Full tuition: Two awards are made each year.*

Students must first apply for Admission to Valparaiso University and then complete the Lutheran Leader application. Contact Rev. Dr. Brian Beckstrom at faithbasedscholarships@valpo.edu with questions.

*Lutheran Leader finalists who are not selected for the full tuition scholarship will automatically be considered for the Allen Scholarship which begins at $2,500/yr and can increase up to $5,000 in years 2-4.

Students who have attended Lutheran Summer Music will earn at least a Vivace Music Scholarship when they audition for the Department of Music.

Award Amount: minimum $1,000

  • These scholarships are available regardless of major.

  • Through the Music audition process, students may be awarded a larger music scholarship.

  • Students should list Lutheran Summer Music in their list of activities on their application to Valparaiso University

Dependent child of full-time, professional, rostered Lutheran Church workers. Incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible.

  • $3,000 per year
  • Must complete undergraduate admission application.
  • Student will be notified with the offer of admission.

Graduates of St. Peter’s Lutheran School in Columbus, IN.  Amount can range from $5,000 to $7,000 per year. Must complete undergraduate admission application.