The following awards may be offered to qualified students. Amounts may vary. All awards are renewable based on maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Students who are thinking about or planning to serve in a church vocation in one of the following areas: Theological studies, pre-seminary preparation for pastors; church musicians, youth, family and educational ministries, missions, Director of Christian Education, Deaconess or Deacon, elementary or secondary education at a Lutheran or parochial school are invited to apply. Amounts vary and are based on financial need. Requires a 3.0 GPA for scholarship renewal. Must complete undergraduate admission application AND Allen Application. Also requires a Church Recommendation Form and a Teacher/Counselor Recommendation Form. Must file FAFSA.

Members of a Lutheran congregation in the greater St. Louis, Mo., area. Must be preparing for a career in the healthcare field (e.g., nursing, physical or occupational therapy, or pre-medical arts). Amount varies, based on financial need.

Must complete undergraduate admission application and file the FAFSA.

Students will be contacted by Office of Admission in early March.

Students who are nominated in their junior year of high school by their Lutheran high school principal. Nominations are based on academic success and leadership skills.

$2,000 per year.

Must be nominated in the junior year of high school by a Lutheran high school principal. Principals should use the following form:

Award for Excellence Nomination Form

Must complete undergraduate admission application.

Notified with offer of admission.

Lutheran students who are actively engaged in leadership roles in their districts, synods, or Lutheran high schools.

Full tuition: Two awards are made each year.

Students must first submit a completed admissions application (with all required materials) by December 15th. All nominations by leaders within the Lutheran denomination should also be completed by December 15th for student’s who are in their senior year of high school.

The Lutheran Leader application and two letters of recommendation must be submitted  by January 15th.

Students will be notified by the Office of Church Relations in mid-March.

Contact  Debra Albers (Church Relations) or Ann.Weitgenant (Financial Aid)  with any questions.

Dependent daughters and sons of full-time, professional, rostered Lutheran Church workers. Incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible.

$10,000 per year for students who start 2018-2019. (Note: If a student qualifies for a higher academic scholarship, it will replace the Martin Luther Award.)

Must complete undergraduate admission application.

Student will be notified with the offer of admission.

Graduates of St. Peter’s Lutheran School in Columbus, IN.  Amount varies. Must complete undergraduate admission application.

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